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Trash Wall to be Removed! WE WON!!!

The Department of Justice and the State of Arizona agreed on Dec 21, 2022 that the trash wall must be removed. The legal stipulation sets out a completion date of Jan 4, 2023 to remove and remediate the damage in the Yuma sector. As far as the Coronado National Forest sector, the stipulation sets out a one-week deadline for a plan to be agreed to for removal and remediation. This plan takes the onus off the incoming governor Katie Hobbs and places it back where it belongs - on Ducey and the forces of greed and fear-mongering. We need to ensure that the work is done in a way that respects the land! The damage to the watersheds will not be a simple thing to repair. Monitoring will be key - and You can help! We will be connecting with other organizations who will be taking a role in this monitoring as the plans unfold. Stay tuned for more information as we receive it.

21Dec2022-legal stipulation to remove containers
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