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Cassandra Hunsdon


Photo: Cassandra Hundson

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We welcome all comers, as there are so many needs -- border presence, supplies, rides, food, photography, blogging, PR, media outreach, funding, lobbying, and so much more!

Get Connected

In an abundance of caution, we request that new activists respond to a few questions. We wish to preserve our safe spaces for all. We welcome anyone with a sincere desire to undo the damage caused by the illegal container wall. 

Amplify the Message

Social media, friends & family

Share news articles, twitter posts and info you find here and on WhatsApp to your personal and professional networks.


Camp Ocelot

Come down to the border and help keep new containers from being deposited, help us understand when and where containers are being moved.  Join WhatsApp to connect in.

Artwork:  Paige Corich-Kleim


Drone, on-ground photos

We welcome all photographers, and certainly drone photographers to come down and help document the activities.  Join WhatsApp to connect in.


While the effort is volunteer, there are costs to support the camp, as well as website hosting, and related costs.  Please spread the word about our GoFundMe campaign, linked above.

Fill Gaps

There are so many ways you can help.  What skills or resources do you have that you think could help?  Join our WhatsApp and explore ways you can support the effort.

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