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Camp Ocelot Rally to Remove the Wall!

About 25 of us were gathered at Camp Ocelot, with a feeling of celebration. We stood in a circle and spoke of our solidarity to protect the land and wildlife. We discussed our next goals, particularly the removal of the shipping containers and opposition to any new walls. Later, some of us played drums and native percussion instruments while we walked the length of the wall. Amongst us all, was a sense of camaraderie. We shared food, experiences and ideas.

The protestors peacefully demanded that Governor Ducey's Container Wall be taken down, that habitat and wildlife corridors be restored and that land and species be respected. Then Camp Ocelot was disbanded. A small group of people, moving with purpose and love for the Earth, stopped the progression of the Shipping Container Wall construction by standing up to the State and prodding the Federal government to act.

Our actions make a difference.

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